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Alice Peacock

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In 2014 Alice Peacock wrote 52 songs. Aside from generating material for an album she expects to release in 2016, the experience revealed that if you really put your mind to it, you can, in fact, write – and record yourself performing – 52 songs in 52 weeks. “They won’t all be good,” she’s quick to point out, “but it made me see that the well never runs dry.”

It was a heartening realization for the singer-songwriter, who’d not released a solo studio album since 2009’s Love Remains. She had, however, produced three kids. “We started out with 22 songwriters,” Alice says of the third annual Real Women Real Songs challenge, “and ended with seven. At some point we realized a disproportionate number of the finishers were mothers with young children, and we’d all had the same experience of saying, ‘OK, I’ve got two hours – they’re napping and I better get to it because this window is not coming back.’”

She has scored a major-label record deal, delivered six albums, toured all over the U.S. and abroad (logged a #1 hit in the Philippines), and had her songs licensed for film and television, but Alice nonetheless maintains that her greatest accomplishment is becoming a mother. Asked how being a mom has changed her as a songwriter, she understates, “You’re a lot more vulnerable.” Motherhood has also reconfigured her touring schedule, which now tends toward weekend bursts rather than extended stretches.

Alice was completely absent from the road for two years after the exponential expansion of her family – her second and third kids are twins. Her last outing had been with singer-songwriter Danny Myrick, her partner in the 2011 album Myrick Peacock. A sold-out show in Chicago, followed by a gig in nearby Evanston that spawned the 2014 album Live From Space, celebrated her return.

As the fall of 2015 approached, Alice continues, “I’d begun focusing on my next studio album – who I wanted to work with, where and how I wanted to record, whether I should launch a crowdsourcing project …” She’s an independent artist so the income potentially derived from that last consideration would certainly be a boost. But, she notes, “My fans are so great – they want to be involved.”

That cooperative spirit had also greeted Alice at the Folk Alliance Conference in 2014. “I saw people I’ve known since my earliest touring days,” she reports. “They were glad to see me, I was glad to see them, and I remembered how great it is to be part of that community.”

She recalls “wandering from room to room in this Kansas City hotel, seeing artists playing bluegrass, the blues, world roots music,” which presaged her subsequent “rediscovery” of music in general. “Where I am as an artist now is a really good place to be – I’m back to being a fan in a way you can’t always be when you’re chasing your own next song, wondering if you’re even going to be able to write another song. I’m not feeling that pressure the way I used to,” she confides.

She reels off a partial list of “now playing” – the Meters, the Honeycutters, Big Star, Gary Louris, Bread, Neil Young, Dan Wilson, Dylan, lots of classic reggae and Grateful Dead, saying of the latter: “There’s something almost ‘pure’ about the way they were completely in it onstage. Sometimes they’re off and they sound horrible, but sometimes it’s absolute magic.”

“I’m just kind of feeling my place in the music universe,” Alice surmises, “and after this last year, I’m trusting that the songs are there. I don’t know what they’re gonna turn out to be, but I know there’s still good work ahead of me.”

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"Alice Peacock has the goods. An eventual breakthrough is inevitable. Her songwriting will only get better, and her voice is as good as it gets."
- Atlanta Music Guide

"The record's got pop, it's got twang, it's got pedal steel reveries, it's got deeply soulful meditations, with a little bit of boot-scooting Tennessee, a little bit of kissing-in-the-sunshine SoCal, and a whole lotta sassysexycool Peacock."
- Blurt Magazine

"Superior singer/songwriter opts for a California country-rock sound on her new "Love Remains" album, with pedal-steel-scored songs worthy of comparison to the best of Sheryl Crow and Linda Ronstadt."
- Philadelphia Daily News

"Love Remains is a buoyant collection of country-tinged, feel-good pop anthems."

"Exuberant and passionate in her writing and singing"
- Nashville City Paper

"The radio-country accompaniment on tunes like the strummy title track - wailing, winding steel, mandolin, taut rhythms - gets elevated by singer-songwriter Peacock's warm and approachable voice."
- The Tennessean

"She has a big voice, when necessary, but also a sweet and very articulate one; and she has championship-caliber stuff as a songwriter."
- Daily

"On Love Remains, Peacock shows off her airtight songwriting chops, and proves she can dance back and forth around a hook."
- Boston Weekly Dig

"A spot on must for fans of solid songwriting, Peacock's latest is certainly her newest high water mark."
- Midwest Record

"A great album from this artist, who is really a pop-rock artist with a bit of country thrown in."
- Pop Underground

"By hewing a little closer to country's roots than a lot of her contemporaries, Peacock puts together a record that will appeal to fans of both the old and new school."
- Nebraska City Press

"An instant classic"
- Mark Fisher,

". . . earns Peacock a place among predecessors such as Carole King and Carly Simon."
- Gregg Shapiro, Illinois Entertainer

"Alice Peacock slips easily into the classic singer-songwriter mode alongside such luminaries as Carole King, Joni Mitchell, and Rickie Lee Jones. Peacock is nearly a perfect pop master. . ."
- Rick Mason,

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Tickets go on sale May 15th

April 28, 2015 (Brooklyn). Critter Crusaders of Cedar Rapids is proud to announce their première benefit concert for the animals taking place in Cedar Rapids at the Kirkwood Ballantyne Auditorium on Friday, September 11th at 7:30. Performing will be national singer / songwriter Alice Peacock.

Nashville based recording artist Alice Peacock has released five albums as a major label and independent artist. Her eponymously titled album Alice Peacock featured the hit “Bliss”, a duet with John Mayer. In addition to touring extensively as a solo artist and with other artists including John Mellencamp, Aimee Mann, Toad The Wet Sprocket and Heart among others, Peacock has made many TV and radio stops including a special guest spot on the popular radio show A Prairie Home Companion. Besides her musical pursuits, Alice is a socially conscious artist. She is a trustee of the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences (GRAMMYS) as well as a past President of NARAS’ Midwest Chapter. She is also the founder of Rock For Reading, an Illinois non-profit organization, which raises awareness and resources for reading and literacy programs through high profile music concerts. Many of Peacock’s songs have appeared in feature films and TV shows including Because of Winn Dixie, Men In Trees, The Ghost Whisperer, Pepper Dennis, What I Like About You, Dawson’s Creek and Smallville; feature films Because of Winn Dixie and Win A Date With Tad Hamilton and TV commercials such as Hershey’s product launch of Bliss chocolate.

Critter Crusaders is a Cedar Rapid based 501c3 non-profit that pays for advance medical treatment for homeless animals. They strive to help the sick, neglected and abused of our Cedar Rapids. This concert will benefit those animals with all proceeds going to the Critter Crusaders of Cedar Rapids.

Kirkwood Ballantyne Auditorium – Cedar Rapids
Friday September 11th at 7:30.
Tickets go on sale May 15th
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