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Dina Regine

Dina Regine decided to take a trip back to her childhood roots for a little inspiration. Way back, to the glorious landscape of the mid 60s – early 70’s sounds. A time when music sounded bigger than life on a tiny transistor radio. The result was ‘Right On, Alright’, a record that blends the spirit of vintage rock, soul and country. She also went back to her childhood neighborhood, Long Island City in Queens, to make the album at Spin Studios with Grammy nominated producer Nik Chinboukas (Rodrigo y Gabriela, Misfits). “When you mix a new guitar, with a little nostalgia, a little heartache, and a thing or two to get off your chest… magic happens” says Regine.

Dina Regine is known by many in New York as a multi-media artist who is quite comfortable wearing more than one hat. As a DJ and musician, she has shared the bill with Jorma Kaukonin, Bill Withers, Elton John, The Beach Boys, Neville Brothers, Tom Waits, and The Dalai Lama. Regine is also a published photographer, and is in the process of putting together a book of her 70s rock photographs and memoirs. The stories of Regine’s teenage years sound like an outtake from Cameron Crowe’s lead character’s life in the movie ‘Almost Famous’. When Regine needed advice, it came from the likes of Ian Hunter, Richie Havens, and Robert Plant, (who bought Dina her first Robert Johnson album). She got to write and play with the legendary Mike Bloomfield, and record with Jimmy Cliff before turning 21. Bruce Springsteen told Regine she should be fronting her own band when she auditioned for him for the Born To Run Tour. Regine took the Boss’s advice, and recently got to thank him for it on his 63rd birthday at the MetLife Stadium show in 2012.

Most of the songs in this collection were written while reading Keith Richards autobiography ‘Life’. A hundred pages into the book, Keith’s enthusiasm was contagious, and the writers block she was sparring with began to fade away. Regine started listening to all the music that Keith listened to in his youth, and the early works of her favorite childhood artists like the Rolling Stones, Animals, Otis Redding, Dylan and Leon Russell. Then the floodgates started to open. One by one, the songs were born and started to take shape on an old tenor electric guitar she bought for a hundred bucks in Brooklyn. Regine called in a few good friends, all amazing musicians (with credits a mile long), and together they brought these eleven songs to life. The final touch was enlisting some of the horn players from Levon Helm’s Ramble in Woodstock on a few of the tracks, and everything just fell right into place perfectly. “Everyone brought a massive amount of love to this record. We had fun, and it definitely was a family affair” says Regine. The first single, ‘Dial My Number’, a Motown/Soul vibed tune, inspired Regine to combine her photography and editing talents to make a fun lyric video using Barbie and Ken dolls in a retro setting, chock full of old school telephones, bell bottoms and shag carpets.

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"Original, compelling songs written and recorded to pay tribute to the great music of the past, while showcasing Regine¹s top-notch songwriting skills...Right On, Alright is surely one of the top 'retro' releases of the year"

"A gal who can actually talk about'getting my mojo on', without soul aficionados sticking their fingers down their throats. It's been a while since you've experienced that, I'll reckon. Regine is one of those rare examples of the caucasian persuasion who sings R&B, without a single strain of self-consciousness messing up the works with embarrassing minstrelsy. With what sounds like the slow-burning cats from Stax behind her, just give a listen to Dial My Number."

"A wonderful collection, full of songs which harken back to the best of the 60s"

"A super duper awesome album ...check it out!"

"Regine sings with a gentle unease. How she varies her delivery from one track to another, from sweet to defiant and undeterred is one of the album's strongest points"

"It's a good record"

"Smart, tuneful, lyrical thoughtful old-school soul revivalist"

"Dina has one of those soulful voices that make it sound so easy. I've been listening to this non-stop on the way to work for the past few weeks. I love her music, and I love Dina's voice, and I think you will too. A huge talent - I'm thrilled to name her Artist of the Month"

"The highlight of the evening was when she brought out two of the Uptown Horns for the last two songs of her set, resituating her into what sounded like a mid-1970s Rolling Stones concert. Rock and roll will never die." (review of CD Release Show)

"Vintage-fueled Ride"

"Original, compelling songs written and recorded to pay tribute to the great music of the past, while showcasing Regine’s top-notch songwriting skills... 'Right On, Alright' is surely one of the top 'retro' releases of the year"
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