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Mike Daly

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Producer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist, Mike Daly, was a key member of the critically acclaimed band, Whiskeytown. The final Whiskeytown album, to which Mike contributed five songs, was referred to by the L.A. Times as, "one of the greatest rock records ever."

Daly has also written with or had songs recorded by The Plain White T's, Josh Kelley, James Iha (of the Smashing Pumpkins), Tommy Stinson (The Replacements, Guns N Roses), and Gilby Clarke (Guns N Roses), to name a few. He has even served on the South by Southwest Music Festival's songwriting panel, "Good Writing, Good Playing". It's no surprise that Time Out Magazine- New York called Daly "One of New York's finest song-slingers". Daly has toured the U.S. and Europe extensively and has appeared on the television programs Austin City Limits, Sessions at West 54th, and the Lisa Loeb show #1 Single. He has also twice appeared on the cover of Billboard Magazine, and featured in many other industry magazines.

Daly currently lives in the artist community of Silver Lake in Los Angeles, where he is one of the music industry's most in demand writer-producers.

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headbangersblog, MTV February 2009 (link)

Alternative Press March 2009 (PDF)

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The Honor Roll -These are a few of our favorite things
"Metal Health"
Time Flies When You're in a Coma (Plume) is a collection of thought provoking lyrical aphorisms from this century's great keepers of knowledge-the metal gods. Because who needs St. Augustine when you've got Judas Priest?
- Spin, November 2008

"I was a monkey-worshipping beef-eschewing Hindu until I was exposed to the wisdom of the metal gods in this remarkable work of spiritual advancement."
- Stephen Davis -Author of watch you bleed: the saga of Guns n\' Roses and Hammer of the Gods: The Led Zeppelin Saga

"I didn't know Rock 'n' Roll was so funny. Mike has put a hilarious twist on some of the best lines in metal. There ain't a day that goes by that some cliche Motley Crue line isn't appropriate. Thanks Mike for putting it in perspective."
- Gilby Clarke (Guns-n-Roses)

"Brought me back to high school."
- Dave Bryson (Counting Crows)

"Mike Daly's unwinged ability to pencil dive ravenously in to the Cauldron of Metal makes this compilation of wisdom a must buy."
- Chad Stokes Urmston (lead singer of Dispatch, State Radio)

"Like a swift kick to the forehead, Daly's book is high speed enlightenment that will take you from zero to slayer in 6,6,6, seconds."
- Shirley Halperin (Entertainment Editor, US Weekly; Author, Pot Culture)

"I used to crank a sweet mix-tape of everything from Anthrax to Van Halen just to get my day started. Now, I can save my hearing, seem well-read, and find that perfect metal quote to help me figure out just what the hell is wrong with me."
- Joe Trohman (Fall Out Boy)

"Rest your Souls and Devour. I recommend this tiny bible to all the Boys and Girls with true Heavy Metal Hearts"
- Metal Mike (Guitarist for Painmuseum, Halford, Sebastian Bach)

"Like all things worth contemplating, this book has a conundrum at its center: there are some really intelligent metal lyrics, but inherently metal lyrics are not intelligent."
- Scott Ian (Anthrax)