Speedfossil is the creation of singer/songwriter Garret Vandermolen, who returns to the scene with his 4th collection of songs, a new EP entitled Room With A VU, Vol.1, his debut release on Boston’s Sonic Escort label. 

Over four separate days in 2023, Garret worked with engineer and co-producer David Minehan (The Neighborhoods, The Replacements) at his Boston-based Woolly Mammoth studio, recording five songs. It was a reunion for Garret and David after a 25-year hiatus! Playing on the recordings are Michael Scotti (bass, vocals), Dan Jordan (guitar/vocals,) and Chris Walsh (drums). These musicians have all played with Garret at various Speedfossil gigs since 2016. As with all of Speedfossil’s previous releases, Garret handled vocals, guitars, keyboards, and some percussion.

The EP is hot on the heels of Speedfossil’s 2022 full-length, NO ANESTHESIA, which was lauded by fans and critics alike for clever songwriting and great pop hooks; the live band has been described as a combination of “Randy Newman meets Husker Du,” with Garret’s songs drawing comparisons to those of Fountains of Wayne, The Replacements, and The Beatles. Musoscribe called the songs on NO ANESTHESIA “fist-pumping, convertible-top-down music that isn’t dumbed down for the masses. There’s an indie character to the songs, but musicianship and production are major league.”  

Some folks may be familiar with Garret’s journey since he re-emerged from a twelve-year musical hiatus with 2014’s critically acclaimed Light of Day. Through almost two decades, he touched practically every facet of the music industry as a songwriter, producer, promoter, engineer, A&R executive, label owner, and member of a touring band. He had burned out by late 2001 – disillusioned, unhappy, and a new father starting a new family. Vandermolen left the music business behind and ventured into a new career. But songwriting was in his blood, and he got sucked back in (thankfully!) by some persistent friends and colleagues who urged him to pick up the expensive, dust-collecting instruments in his home studio and start making music again. Light of Day was followed by 2017’s full-length, You’re So Next!, and then NO ANESTHESIA in 2022.

Room With A VU, Vol. 1, is the first in a series of EPs that will feature songs all recorded in the same studio with the same engineer/producer.  The concept was to present the songs to the band, work quickly to put them together and get demos to the producer/engineer-then record them all in a short period in one specific studio.  Vol. 2 is slated for sometime in the Fall of 2024 (and the complete sessions, Vol 1.and Vol. 2 to be released on a vinyl LP in late 2024).   Over 5 separate days in 2023, Garret worked with David Minehan at his Woolly Mammoth studio to record and mix the 5 songs.  Originally slated to be released in September 2023 on Boston’s Red on Red Records, plans tragically changed in June 2023 when label founder, Justine Covault, died suddenly at the age of 59.  Garret was devastated to lose a friend, colleague, mentor and a musical home.  After entertaining a couple of offers from other labels, Garret decided to release Room With A VU, Vol. 1 on the new Sonic Escort imprint, a full length label collective out of Boston.  Whether its upbeat rockers like, “Sweetheart”, featuring a guest vocal appearance from Linda Bean Pardee of The Chelsea Curve, the throwback Roy Orbison-esque “Frozen Drops of Fire”, or the horn laden “irl”, the EP really showcases Garret’s songwriting chops, as well as the production prowess and sonic power of Minehan and his Woolly Mammoth studio.   As one astute listener stated, “this EP is definitely next level!”.  Speedfossil will once again be supporting Room With A VU, Vol. 1, with shows throughout the Northeast for the remainder of 2023 and into 2024.
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